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GaiaStage is a not for profit organisation in the form of a Finnish Association. As such, GaiaStage can be booked for events in keeping with the values of Gaia Stage Ry. Its rules also stipulate that everybody working on, off, or for it are paid a (pro rata) living wage — We want a sustainable world, not sustained growth and profits.

These ethic values are important to us. GaiaStage was chosen in 2022 for the first ever Uniarts Incubator Hub, a program to help start-ups in the arts to develop their economic, entrepreneurial potential. As part of that program, we got to speak with many people with an industry and business background. And interestingly, the feedback tells us, that our ethical stance which is opposed to profits, is actually our unique selling point!

GaiaStage as a service provider of audio amplification equipment, aims to be competitive in price to stages of similar size. This is facilitated through the fact that we do not work for profit, and that associations can in some cases operate tax-free. Overheads are further kept low as a consequence of the recycling-philosophy behind GaiaStage: Customise used equipment, rather than buying new saves money too.

As a service provider in the live-entertainment industry, we reach out to event organisers, of festivals of all kinds, but also to conference organisers and institutional events to show your green credentials by working with us to make your event more sustainable. With GaiaStage on site, you raise awareness on climate change, add a fun-activity for visitors, and crucially, do it without adding to your carbon footprint. So, for all booking enquiries don't hesitate, and contact us on


Join the Gaia Stage Association

Rather than a commercial development project, Gaia Stage wants to popularise and share ideas, and gather know-how in a network of interested actors in the field who would like to contribute and engage. As a not for profit organisation, we share all plans, methods and development outcomes under a creative commons licence. Our intention is to develop a community along with the stage. This shall happen through collaborations of all kinds.

Gaia Stage is also a vehicle for artistic research: The stage relies on the active engagement of the audience. How does this affect the artistic side of the performance? And from an engineering perspective – how can the design of the stage be optimised to be as energy efficient as possible? And from a sociological perspective too, questions of participation, of motivation, agency and community can be studied with Gaia stage.

GaiaStage is the core project of the Gaia Stage association which hopefully will support several similar initiatives in the field of sustainable music technology. Research shall be at the heart of its objectives, but as an association it can be independent of academic funding-cycles: It will go on being active as an example of a sustainable, participatory development for many years to come!

To join the association, please send us an email. The membership fee for a year is 10 € The association has its domicile in Finland, but there is no obstacle to join from wherever you are in the world!


Liisa Tuomi

Liisa is a sociologist with a PhD in Musicology. Her research interests... "Lähdin mukaan Gaia Stageen, koska näkemykseni mukaan se toteuttaa uusiutuvan energian periaatteita innovatiivisella ja kestävällä tavalla. Idea on hauska sekä toteuttamiskelpoinen Suomen festivaalikesässä, ja odotan Gaia Stagen motivoivan ihmisiä sitoutumaan kestävän kehityksen periaatteisiin henkilökohtaisella tasolla. Uskon projektin potentiaaliin myös kansainvälisellä tasolla."
photo of Liisa Tuomi
photo of Dominik Schlienger

Dom Schlienger

Dom is a musician, project coordinator and developer. "This generator-bike powered performance stage is about a whole list of things! For starters, it will show how much effort is needed to provide energy for a stage. Then it will be fascinating to see how the performers need to motivate the audience to keep pedalling hard enough to keep the show going. This interaction is a truly corporeal collaboration between the performers and the audience. Along with building the stage, we also want to build and be part of a community. We want to share our ideas and experiences via the creative commons, and link to all the amazing people out there who are doing similar things. If as a member of an audience or as a performer you felt you couldn’t make a difference: with GaiStage — you can. Welcome aboard!"

Sampo Pyhälä

Sampo Pyhälä is stage designer. "I am involved in this project because interesting design challenges get me excited and Gaia Stage combines many things that fascinate me. As a theatre maker, I find it really interesting to think about storytelling; what the visual aspect suggests to people, what kind of action, what kind of way of being, and what kind of collaborations ensue, and what message we tell those people who will be at the Gaia stage event."
Photo of Sampo Pyhälä
Pedal-Powered GaiaStage — Intro to the project